The Roundup: #APEXAProTips

August 21, 2017 at 3:35 PM / by Jenny Zhang  /  3 minute read

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Welcome to the #APEXAProTips Roundup!

#APEXAProTips are monthly live tweet sessions where the APEXA team stands by live on Twitter to answer all of your questions. The Roundup highlights the top questions. The following questions are from the first session on August 18th. 

1. Contest Eligibility
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Bonus ProTip: As the name suggests, you'll need to complete your profile within 10 days of receiving your invite!

2. Contest Prize
ProTips2 Aug 17.png

Bonus ProTip: No catch here. The Rock and $500 are both pretty swell, if you ask us. 

3. Technical Support
ProTips3 Aug 17.png








Bonus ProTip: You can also e-mail us at!

4. No Invitation?

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Next Session

Missed August's #APEXAProTips session? Don't worry, we'll be hosting another one in September. Check out our Twitter account to follow and tweet us during next month's #APEXAProTips session on September 14th from 1pm-2pm EST

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