The Importance of Collaboration as we reach 100 Days

September 22, 2015 at 3:08 PM / by Tonya Blackmore  /  2 minute read

APEXA Importance of Collaboration Countdown 100 days

APEXA began in 2012 as a conceptual framework for streamlining and standardizing the contracting and compliance functions for Canadian Life and Health Insurance Advisors. Through the commitment of a group of MGA’s and Carriers, APEXA has grown from concept to a solution and now we are launching an industry-wide platform for the Canadian Life Insurance Industry.

Although driven by MGA’s and Carriers, APEXA was designed with Advisors in mind by simplifying administration and providing a single platform for contracting needs. With 24/7 availability, advisors can request new contracts, make changes to existing contracts or process updates such as license renewals, address or banking changes at their convenience. All updates and requests are automatically shared with contracted parties, eliminating the need to follow up separately.

For MGA’s and Carriers, APEXA eliminates duplication and streamlines the onboarding, contracting and compliance functions. As the saying goes, a win-win solution for all.

We’ve come a long way since 2012 and although I’ve just joined APEXA in June, I’ve learned that our success has been grounded in one key principle: collaboration

From initial concept to developing requirements, setting the scope, creating the solution and conducting testing; industry participants have been at the table every step of the way. This partnership ensured our services were comprehensive, targeted and impactful to our customers. 

Once APEXA goes live, our commitment to collaboration will continue through an established Advisory Committee of MGA’s, Carriers and Advisor Representation who will guide the future direction of APEXA and give our customers assurance that we will always be in step with industry needs.    

APEXA is more than an exciting venture, it’s an industry changing platform that will reduce the burden of contracting and compliance across the entire Life Insurance Industry and we are very thankful for the dedication of our customers who have helped us turn this concept into reality. 

With 100 days to go, there are times when that feels like not nearly enough time, but then I look around at the quality of our team and I know…we will most certainly make it happen.

As we continue to engage with life and health advisors and work alongside MGAs and Carriers, we encourage you to follow along with our progress. In the near weeks, we are also excited to launch or nation-wide campaign.

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Tonya Blackmore

Written by Tonya Blackmore

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