The Life Advisor's Guide to Increased Efficiency Part I

July 2, 2015 at 3:43 PM / by Dylan Friedmann  /  3 minute read


Ever wonder where the times goes, how you could get more done in your business but have more time for family and personal interests? I remember having this top of mind when I was an active Life Advisor. Something else that was top of mind as well as my colleagues is how can we increase our efficiency in our day-to-day. Still today in my current role at APEXA, looking for ways to improve processes and increase efficiency is the norm. So in this post, I’m happy to be sharing some insight with you, with the topic of protecting your brain and increasing efficiency. 

If you could increase your efficiency and productivity then you would be able to accomplish some of the items on your personal wish list!  

So the bigger question is ”How can a Life Insurance Advisor increase efficiency in their day-to-day?” The answer: Stop multitasking! 

This was a hard one for me. If you have become accustom to multitasking you likely get that high from feeling like you are accomplishing ‘so many things’ - the multitasking superhero who can handle tasks coming from every direction. Truth is studies show you are not being more efficient and you can degrade your performance. It may appear as though you are doing more, but your brain can not simultaneously process multiple tasks. Translation; none of the tasks are getting the degree of focus they need and the result is a lesser output for each of the tasks you are trying to do. People who multitask frequently are distracted by unimportant information and your brain can have difficulties differentiating what is and isn’t important & negatively impact memory. (Stanford University) Lesson, stay in the moment – single task – focus on the one thing you need to accomplish, you’ll do it better!

"Financial advisors all know KYC... Consider KYS"

Know your strengths #1. What do you do well and what to you really struggle with? Struggling in an area where you lack expertise can be a huge draw on your time. Consider delegating tasks that you are just not good at. As an advisor, planner, or expert there is a knowledge set you have that you should be using. You can’t delegate away the responsibility of advising clients or keeping current on the industry, best practices or regulations. Perhaps you are not great at marketing, social media, booking follow up appointments, drafting updates and communications, ordering supplies – these are the types of activities that others excel at! Take a real look at the value of your time, what you do well and how you can delegate the rest. 

Know your strengths #2. Time of day. What time of day do you perform the best? People are different, some experts suggest that in general we are most product the first two hours after we are fully awake (Dan Ariely). Some of you may know that you just don’t have the same focus before lunch, at 3:00pm as you would at 9:00am or even 9:00pm. If you don’t know, keep track. I know this is an unfair ask if you are busy, but you’ll be amazed what you learn if you track what you accomplish, how you feel and how well you can focus at different times of day. 

As you may have guessed, what I have today is part one in a two-post series I’ve crafted for you. Working on ways to increase efficiency is something that many industry professionals are looking to improve upon, not just life insurance advisors. I’m looking forward to sharing more insight with you in my next post, but in the meantime, what are some of the tips and tricks you might have in increasing efficiency?


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Dylan Friedmann

Written by Dylan Friedmann

As VP Client and Partner Engagement, Dylan is responsible for the client experience; business development, relationship management, training, communications and marketing to all levels of APEXA clients. APEXA clients include Insurance carriers, MGA’s and the broker market. // En tant que vice-présidente expérience clients et partenaires, Dylan est responsable de l'expérience client, du développement des affaires, de la gestion des relations, la formation, la communication et du marketing pour tous les niveaux de clients d’APEXA. Les clients d’APEXA comprennent les assureurs, les agents généraux et le marché des courtiers.

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