CLIEDIS has completed its review process of the B2B transactions to be used by APEXA for communicating producer profiles. APEXA wanted to ensure these transactions meet a basic level of ACORD and CITS compliance. APEXA worked closely with CLIEDIS to ensure that the feeds align with ACORD rules and the basic framework of the CITS feeds.  

The review process was different than a CLIEDIS approval since there is no CITS implementation guide for these transactions. The CLIEDIS Executive Committee will separately determine the timing for the creation of a CITS guide, based on the maturity of this implementation. Through the review process, CLIEDIS ensured the following:
  • Submitted test files were valid ACORD messages 
  • CITS Common Implementation Rules, when applicable, where incorporated
  • Applicable data modeling concepts based on the CITS Advisor Screening Implementation Guide, when applicable, were followed
CLIEDIS did not validate that the contents of the message were complete or correct per the APEXA requirements. No production files were reviewed.

If you have any questions about APEXA, please contact Dylan Friedmann, VP Client & Partner Experience at  


(MONTREAL and TORONTO) – August 30, 2016eSignLive™, the e-signature choice for business, today announced an exclusive partnership with APEXA, the cloud-based platform for life advisor onboarding, contracting and compliance. Once launched, APEXA with eSignLive will change how life insurance carriers, managing general agencies (MGAs), and life insurance advisors standardize and digitize the stringent compliance requirements for advisors, at the same time boosting internal productivity.

APEXA brings higher standardization, clarity, timeliness and efficiency to contracting and compliance for all insurance industry stakeholders, providing each company the platform to share licensing and compliance as part of a systematic industry-approved national web-based solution. APEXA built its platform with input from various leading carrier and MGA organizations in the Canadian life insurance industry. A comparison process that included eSignLive and DocuSign was undertaken to identify an e-signature partner that could meet the complex needs of APEXA and its partners.

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The week of July 4th APEXA, Bluesun and 4 representatives from our client companies gathered together to test the system processes from start to finish. There were absolutely no bugs found…just kidding. Of course there were some bugs found. That’s the main purpose of this exercise, to hunt down any remaining bugs, fix them, re-test and make sure that all processes are built to spec before we open the system to user acceptance testing in August. Our testing was scheduled for five (5) days and we wrapped it up in three (3) thanks to our expert team of testers and of course the skilled developers for delivering (nearly) clean code.

With system testing wrapped we only have a few more steps to go:

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • More training
  • Go Live

Wow! We’re nearly there. Keep checking back to see more about our Milestones leading up to Go Live. 


From June 20th-22nd, APEXA hosted ‘train the trainer’ days for our nine initial clients. These sessions provided a full walk-through of APEXA and practice cases to help our learners get comfortable with the system. Training was led by our APEXA experts: Dylan Friedmann, Kelsi Elshaw, Vivien Kwan and Mike Brown. It was a huge undertaking to prepare training for a large group of customers and we thank our trainees for dedicating time to this effort.

Training will continue with APEXA hosting weekly sessions to support the trainees as they prepare for the next major milestone: User Acceptance Testing. Here’s a great photo of everyone in action!




A few years ago, we set out with a very lofty goal to connect the entire Life Insurance Industry through a single platform AND simplify the contracting, onboarding and compliance processes for Carriers, MGAs and Life & Health Insurance Advisors. This is what we did:

  • Rid of paper contracts,
  • Cut out the duplication,
  • Standardized the process,
  • Built a digital connection between all contracted parties,
  • And created a single consolidated profile for each and every Advisor.

All while creating an amazing company. This truly was for the greater good of all.

It has taken some time, a lot of collaboration and a strong commitment from our initial clients. Have a look at just how far we’ve come.

Finishing the build is an incredible milestone. It means we’re almost there and we can hardly wait to share it with you. From now until launch, we invite you to stay in touch and follow our progress as we work through testing, training and finally our launch. 

It won’t be long before we are all Simply Connected!