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May 17, 2016 5:07:33 PM / by Tonya Blackmore



APEXA has kicked off the second quarter of 2016 with a bang! The more we network with industry professionals across the country, the more we see the level of awareness and interest in APEXA grow. Have a look at the updates and accomplishments from the start of Q2 below:

Events, Conferences and Updates

APEXA has recently presented at two key industry conferences: CAILBA 2016 National Conference and the CLHIA Compliance and Consumer Complaints. We’ve shared information on our system and services, showed some ‘hot off the press’ screen shots and facilitated a panel discussion with two of our customers: Manulife & PPI.

We also spent some valuable time on the West Coast attending HUB days and hosted another Advisor ‘sneak peek’ session.

Web Analytics & Progress

As mentioned above, over the past few months we’ve felt a real shift, both in people’s knowledge of and interest in APEXA and with a 1000% growth in monthly website hits and a 71% increase in the number of subscribers since the Fall it’s clear that this shift isn’t just a feeling.

You may see this as good execution of an awareness campaign but we see it as creating a movement and whether you look back into history or at current events; movements begin with a real need and grow with the vision of positive change. APEXA, like any movement, began with an industry need to simplify, streamline and standardize Advisor screening, monitoring and contracting and it has grown with the vision of helping the industry reach its highest point in Advisor compliance. And like any movement it doesn’t happen without support. APEXA emerged with the support of our initial 9 clients and is now expanding to an extended list of MGA’s and Carriers who will be fast to follow our first implementation.

We invite you to join this movement or reach out to learn more about APEXA and how you can get onboard and become, Simply Connected!



Tonya Blackmore, APEXA
Chief Executive Officer

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Tonya Blackmore

Written by Tonya Blackmore

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