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Aug 31, 2017 10:34:00 AM / by Tonya Blackmore

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APEXA is live and our transition to launch has been an exciting one. Advisor onboarding has begun and our customer service centre is fully operational to answer questions and provide support. Welcome to #APEXANation! We are here. We’ve also launched a new format for our newsletter this month. We look forward to staying in touch to keep you up to date on our rollout status, new partners joining APEXA, exciting new initiatives and where you can find us at conferences and events. It’s time to join our movement. For more information contact us.


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Tonya Blackmore

Welcome to APEXA!

APEXA, the web-based national platform for life advisor onboarding, contracting and compliance is now live.

APEXA brings higher standardization, clarity, timeliness and efficiency to contracting and compliance for life insurance industry stakeholders, providing each company with a platform to monitor licensing and compliance as part of a systematic industry-approved solution.

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 APEXA 101: Welcome to APEXA!
 APEXA 101 is a four-part video series that will cover the basic but important how-tos of using
 the APEXA system. Check out Part One, which outlines the benefits of becoming simply   connected.
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 #10DaystoWin Contest
 Don't forget to register for our #10DaystoWin contest! Every user is eligible to win our $500   Visa giftcard if you complete your registration within 10 days of receiving your invite. We will   be announcing our August winner in our next newsletter, so stay tuned!
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 Session 1: #APEXAProTips
 #APEXAProTips are monthly live tweet sessions where the APEXA team stands by live on   Twitter to answer all of your questions. The Roundup highlights the top questions. Our next   #APEXAProTips session is tomorrow, September 14th from 1pm-2pm!
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