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Apr 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Tonya Blackmore



Spring has sprung! Or not. Regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for us we are forging forward towards our final sprint before launch.  And let me tell you the wait has been worth it.  We’ve added more robust functions to APEXA to streamline processes and ease the usability and we can’t wait to show you what industry collaboration and engagement can do.

Starting in March and continuing in April we have also launched an Advisor series to provide sneak peeks of the system and get feedback from Advisors as we ramp up for launch. 

It’s not just the hope of sunshine around the corner that is boosting our excitement at APEXA. We’re looking forward to finally being able to show you what we’ve been working on and then to let APEXA speak for itself.

Bienvenue nos Amis!

As an open note to all of our French clients, partners and friends, everyone at APEXA is happy to invite you to www.apexa.ca/fr, a fully integrated and informative experience of the APEXA website, now in French. Navigate through our site pages, our blog and our previous newsletters and send along your thoughts to marketing@apexa.ca! Merci!

Advisor Feedback – Bring it On

Our largest group of APEXA users will be Advisors and we’ve been eager to get their feedback beyond sharing PowerPoint pitches of what APEXA will do. In March we hosted our first “Sneak Peek Session” to showcase the platform and take Advisors through a tour of what their experience will look like and feel like in APEXA. The kick off to this series started in Ontario, and in April we’ll be heading west and to Quebec to continue the discussions. First hand feedback from users is our primary goal so we have time to react before going live.

It’s our final sprint, yes. And what a ride. I joined APEXA in June of 2015 which was about half way through the project. Although I have not been on the APEXA team for the entire ride it’s been an incredible privilege to meet so many people from Carriers, MGA’s, Regulators, Industry Organizations and Advisors. What I love about all of you is you care, you are passionate and there is no shortage of opinions. The latter one can be challenging at times because strong opinions can cause others to question our approach or our ability to deliver on our promises. Luckily I’ve never been one to shy away from strong opinions because I believe that opinions create dialogue and dialogue creates an opportunity to forge a relationship and generate new ideas and sometimes come up with better solutions. APEXA is an industry platform and our focus will be on servicing the industry for a very long time so we welcome the opinions, the dialogue and we look forward to building improvements together. 

If you have a friend or colleague who you think would benefit from receiving these monthly newsletters, feel free to invite them to subscribe on our website, now available to your French-speaking friends as well!



Tonya Blackmore, APEXA
Chief Executive Officer

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Tonya Blackmore

Written by Tonya Blackmore

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