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Apr 13, 2017 12:00:00 PM / by Tonya Blackmore




So…What’s Next?

You may have read in the news that Apexa is ready to launch in May http://insurance-journal.ca/article/apexa-expected-to-launch-in-may/. Yes, it’s true.

User testing has concluded and we’re currently knee deep in training. Our clients are training their internal teams while we are training the Advisor Call Centre so pedal is to the metal for several more weeks. Once we launch…what’s next?

Apexa has been working on our post-go live plans for a long time so I can tell you exactly what’s next.  At launch, we’ll be onboarding 4 MGA’s, 5 Carriers and approximately 85,000 associated Advisors and Corporations. No small feat. Pretty spectacular actually. But that’s just the beginning.

Adopting Apexa as an industry solution means that we have over 250 MGA’s and Carriers to onboard across Canada and that takes careful planning and execution.

Training has been a key aspect of this planning. Starting in August (even we need a small break) we’ll be onboarding new companies monthly. This has spurred the need to re-design our training program to maintain quality and structure while giving us broader geographic reach.

This effort has been led by Joshua Taylor, Director of Training and Process for Apexa, who joined the company in February.

“We will be using a blend of e-learning and traditional classroom training, with plenty of exercises and testing throughout. We are using a train-the-trainer approach, and focusing on making a key individual at each Carrier and MGA an expert (or APEXPERT, as we like to call them!).

Our goal is for these participants to leave our training sessions confident and inspired, and fully prepared to deliver high-impact training to their colleagues!”

We’re ready insurance industry. It’s time to join the movement. For more information on onboarding with Apexa, drop us an email here.

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Tonya Blackmore

Written by Tonya Blackmore

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