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(Photos by @loveoverlenses)


It started as a crazy dream,
Way, way back in 2014.
To our problem, there must be a solution,
But it will take an industry revolution! 

A lean, mean team of experts was formed,
To go across the country and get people onboard.
Nine brave organizations took the lead,
Working together we were sure to succeed. 

Requirements were gathered and rules were sought,
But often “It depends” was all we got!
Our team of developers jumped to the task,
They’re glad 3 am deployments are a thing of the past. 

We trained and we trained, and then trained some more,
That session on branch codes may have left us unsure.
You might have thought that three times was enough,
But still today people wonder “who came up with this stuff?” 

We opened the flood gates for our users to test,
Kelsi and Shree on support were quite a hot mess,
We ironed out wrinkles and tried to fix every bug,
At the end it felt like everyone needed a hug 

We saw the project through hurdles and delays,
Including 3 years to sign one MSA.
And now here we are, we are finally live
We didn’t know if Tonya would actually survive.

We’ve got lots still to do, just look at that list,
There may have been one or two things that we missed.
But we’re changing an industry and that’s pretty neat,
So let’s grab a drink and raise a toast to our feat!