The APEXA Quota - August 2021 Edition

Aug 31, 2021 12:00:00 PM / by Ibhaze Uduehi

Message from the VP, Chief Client Officer


To be forward-thinking starts with understanding the needs, priorities, and shifts of our partners, the economy, and the world. As we solve for known issues, we redefine what we currently know. That change drives outcomes we seek and also has a cascading effect – creating many corollaries.

We need to create solutions and strategies that acknowledge the ramifications of those new ideas. While we embrace technology, we must be open to new realities not lose sight of important considerations such as sustainability and client satisfaction. All of that needs to go in tandem with our values - integrity, providing suitable insurance solutions, and helping people live long, healthy lives.

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Modernizing the Distribution Strategies of Life Insurance Products

Product distribution is essential to both agents’ and customers’ journeys. As digital options expand, expectations evolve because customers want instant access to their insurance information. While progress is underway, work still needs to be done on the industry’s distribution models so that they meet evolving demands, whether they are in person, digital, or a hybrid of the two.

Capgemini provides a great reminder of the importance of life insurance distribution optimization in the industry: “Traditional insurance purchasing has been via agent/broker and, depending on the geography, via branch/bank. However, customers today trust their own research, reviews, and other social media research over (or at least in conjunction with) agents’ or brokers’ advice. As technology has extended well past the PC to smartphones, tablets, and digital assistants, the digital divide between generations has diminished. Life and annuity carriers need to assume that most customers and prospects are now digital consumers, and they need to look at how customers’ social behavior and shopping preferences influence their purchasing behavior.” Read more


Post-pandemic Sustainability - What Form Will It Take?

As organizations consider the implications of transitioning back to the office, it’s also worth thinking about what this and the return to other activities that have been inaccessible for the past eighteen months means for sustainability.

In this blog, we reflect on sustainability perspectives from a few sources – a report put together by McKinsey Sustainability, CB Bhattacharya, H.J. Zoffer chair of sustainability and ethics at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business and contributor on Financier Worldwide, and Francois Faelli, global leader of Bain & Company’s consumer products practice and Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra, a consultancy focused on sustainability, both contributors on Food Business News – to understand various elements of sustainability that will be top of mind as organizations and individuals shift to a post-pandemic world.

In terms of embedding sustainability into long-term plans, this is best done, at least initially, by putting sustainability on every meeting agenda,” continues Ben Stansfield, a partner at Gowling WLG. “If business leaders continually ask, ‘What is the environmental effect of this and is there a better option?’, then sustainability becomes institutionally embedded very quickly.” – Reshaping the future: post-pandemic sustainability Read more.

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Ibhaze Uduehi

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