Who owns APEXA?

APEXA is part of the MIB Group, a North American life insurance industry partner for data, insights, and digital solutions.  

Who pays for APEXA?

Currently, MGAs and Carriers pay an annual fee based on the number of Advisors on APEXA. There is tiered pricing to reflect an organization's (MGA and Carrier) population size. Each organization gets a bill depending on their population size. 

Why was I invited to APEXA?

As an industry solution, your MGAs and Carriers are committed to using APEXA to manage the screening, contracting, and compliance of Life Insurance Advisors, Corporations, and Shareholders. In order to support the industry and meet your MGA & Carrier requirements, you need to register and maintain your information in APEXA.


How do I register for APEXA?

Your MGA must be on APEXA in order for you to register. Your MGA will send you an invite via email with the registration information. If your MGA is on APEXA and you haven’t received an invite, please contact them. If you are an MGA or Carrier and you want to get on APEXA, contact us here.

I received an invite to register, what do I do now?

Your invite contains a link. Follow the link to set up your password. Read/watch the directions on the elements required to complete your profile. Complete your profile. Once your profile is complete you are active on APEXA.

I’ve lost my registration email. What do I do?

Contact your MGA and they will send you a new invitation.

I've already set up my profile and now I've received an invite from another MGA. Do I need to register again?

No, your second invite will include contracts linked to the MGA who sent the invite and the associated Carriers Proceed to click Add my contracts. Follow the link to set up your password and complete your profile. You do not need to complete another profile or register again.

When will my MGA be on APEXA?

This is decided by your MGA. Please reach out to them directly for the onboarding timeline.

I received an email directing me to the Backcheck website. What is this for?

To obtain a contract with an MGA or Carrier they require you to complete a Criminal Background Check. Backcheck is the company that conducts this search. This email directs you to the Backcheck website which starts the Backcheck process.


Is my information secure?

In order to service MGAs and Carriers, we had to meet their strict requirements on privacy and data protection. This means that your information is being held to their security standard or higher. APEXA undergoes annual audits by independent third parties. These audits serve to test the system in its entirety, including but not limited to, our system security, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy requirements.

What client information is in APEXA?

There is NO client information in APEXA. Our system only deals with the contract between you as an Advisor or Corporation and the MGAs or Carriers with whom you work. It contains NO client information.

Can my MGAs and Carriers view my CE Credits?

No, the CE credit tracking tool is for your personal use only.  This section is not shared with your MGAs and Carriers.

Does APEXA notify any of the provincial regulators about the carrier contracts I hold?

APEXA does not externally share any information about your contracts.

Your APEXA Profile

What do I need to complete my profile?

To complete your profile, you will need:

  • Your address history for the last 5 years
  • Digital copy of your E&O coverage policy
  • Digital copy of your provincial license

Note: If you are responsible for a corporation, you’ll need a few more items:

  • Your company’s date of incorporation
  • Digital copy of your articles of incorporation
  • A list of Shareholders for your company

Who can see my Advisor or Corporate profile?

Your profile is shared with any party with whom you have a contract or with any party from whom you are requesting a contract.

Do I need to tell my MGA and/or Carriers when I update my profile?

No. Updates you make to your profile will be shared with them automatically.

Why do I not see all of my contracts on my profile?

If you don’t see one of your contracts on your profile it means that the associated MGA or Carrier is either not yet on APEXA or you have not yet received an invite from the MGA involved. When they join APEXA, you will receive an email to add those contracts to your profile.

How often do I need to sign into APEXA?

You will be notified by email if you need to sign into APEXA to take an action on your profile. Note: you are required to complete an annual attestation once per year and you are required to update your license & E&O at the time of renewal. You can also choose to sign in any time to update changes to your profile information such as a change to your address, banking information, phone number, etc.

What if I made a mistake in my profile – can I correct it?

It happens! If there is a typo, or you forgot to include something in your profile, you can log back in, select Profile from the navigation menu on the left, make the update or change, and save your changes. Your MGAs and Carriers on APEXA will be notified of the update automatically.

In APEXA I was asked to fill out information for Equifax. What is the purpose of this?

At the time of profile setup, or during the contracting process, a credit check is completed in order to facilitate compliance monitoring and contracting with MGAs and Carriers. Your credit information is provided by Equifax. If Equifax can't locate your current credit profile, you will be asked to provide additional detail to help with their search. 

Do I see my commission statements in APEXA?

No, APEXA does not contain commission information. Please contact your partners for this information.

Can I get my Income Statement for Tax purposes in APEXA?

No, as APEXA does not contain commission information. Please contact your partners for this information.

How do I use the CE Credit tracking tool?

The CE Credit tool is for your personal use.  You can record your CE Credits and upload certificates or e-documents to maintain your records.  This section is not shared with your MGAs and Carriers.

I attended a CE Credit event hosted by my MGA or Carrier. Can they upload my CE Credits on APEXA?

No, the CE credit tracking tool is for your personal use only.  This section is not shared with MGAs and Carriers.

Contracting + How-To

I have requested a new contract – how long will it take?

APEXA speeds up contracting by keeping it digital and ensuring that all requirements are included with your submission.  Your MGA or Carrier is still responsible for processing so we can’t provide a specific timeframe for completion. APEXA provides a view of your contracts so you can track the status during this process.  When it’s complete you will receive an email notification.

I have applied for a contract - how do I check the status?

 APEXA provides a view of your contracts so you can track the status during this process. If you are applying for a contract with an insurance company through your existing MGA, you will be able to see whether the contract is being reviewed by the MGA or the Carrier.

Can I cancel a contract request?

Yes. Login to APEXA and on the right-hand side of the dashboard select View My Outstanding Contract Requests. Click the Rescind button next to the request you wish to cancel.

How will I know when my contract has been issued?

You will receive an email when there is an update or request on your profile. From the email, select the Click for Details link and login to your profile to confirm the status of your contract, view a newly added selling code, or complete any additional requirements. 

Are there copies of my contracts in APEXA?

If you had existing contracts prior to joining APEXA, you will see a list of your existing relationships and associated selling codes.  If you apply for a new contract through APEXA, a copy of the contract will be retained on APEXA for you to see.

Download our printable-friendly FAQ sheet.