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January 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM / by Bonnie Li  /  3 minute read

Meet Bonnie Li

I'm Bonnie Li. I've been in the software/online application industry for 13 years. My previous experience was with an asset management software company, where I worked on software implementationMy journey to APEXA was fascinating!

My journey to APEXA

A former colleague told me that APEXA was looking to recruit a business analyst. After learning about the team, what intrigued me the most about APEXA was its female population's size across levels, including leadership roles. That, to me, was empowering. It's a fact that few women work in STEM industries, and thus I looked forward to working with so many women in software. At each interview phase, I met and bonded with all these women, and the positive feeling was mutual. I joined APEXA in April 2017, just a few months shy of the solution going live. It was also my first experience in a startup organization with new-to-the-industry software; before 2017, my previous experience had only been within established organizations. Watching APEXA grow its client database and staff strength has been incredible. We’ve come a long way thanks to our team’s proven agility in knocking out each challenge and to the forward-thinking partners we are fortunate to have on board.

What I do in APEXA

Currently, my role as Business Analyst at APEXA involves offering daily support to clients while also assisting in the implementation of new clients to the APEXA software, focusing more on their technical and data requirements. I also help with the enhancement of the APEXA software, including testing, bug-fixing, and deployment. You could say that I'm a bridge between the sales and technical sides when it comes to releases, deployments, and so forth. I am fortunate to have a front-row view of APEXA’s growth and successes. My motivation comes from the results of the hard work accomplished by such a small team. The journey has been rewarding, and I’m excited about the future of APEXA and our clients. 

My go-to productivity trick

My daily planner is my go-to tool for documenting all important tasks. It goes wherever I go, and it always keeps me on track. My workday starts with an overview of my calendar to help me structure my workflow around the meetings I must attend. Another trick I use to maintain productivity is setting breaks for myself. Because I tend to hyperfocus on whatever task is at hand, I rarely take breaks. However, I've found that having lunch away from my computer and taking short walks with my dog help improve my concentration. A big bonus is that I feel more cheerful and refreshed! 

My dream skill

I used to be interested in #NailArt, but I shelved that skill a while ago. Now my dream is to have a beautiful singing voice that awes the world. Another more practical gift I wish I had, is the ability to learn any language quickly so that I can understand people and perhaps make their journey easier. 

Away from work, you can find me here

After work, I usually take part in one or a combination of these activities: watching Netflix (especially shows about food), reading, hanging with family and friends (when it's safe), riding my motorcycle, and playing with my dog. Since I love dogs, my dream is to open a senior animal sanctuary that takes in and nurtures older dogs and other animals.

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Bonnie Li

Written by Bonnie Li

Senior Business Analyst

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