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Hi, I’m Nekay Farrell and I joined the APEXA team as a Client Implementation Lead in May of 2022. 

My journey to APEXA

Prior to joining APEXA, I studied Psychology at Dawson College and later studied Entrepreneurship at McGill University. During my studies, I worked at Tim Hortons which taught me a great deal about customer service, teamwork, and management. I then worked in the banking industry with CIBC where I learned a lot about finances while also acquiring organizational and communication skills that I still use to this day.

Outside of my professional career, I have volunteered at the Resurrection Center’s Youth group as a Youth Leader. In this role, I worked in administration and event and project management.

Although my journey may not look like the traditional path one might take to get to my current role, I believe that every aspect of my path has taught me useful skills, tips, and tricks that I am able to utilize to support our clients as a Client Implementation Lead at APEXA

What I do in APEXA

My role at APEXA is to assist clients during their implementation process. I am the go-to person for our clients during this transition. I also monitor project timelines, host project meetings, and coordinate resources at APEXA. I like to think of my role as being the bridge that gets clients from point A to point B. Point A - traditional compliance, monitoring and paper contracting and point B – digital and secure contracting, compliance, and monitoring on APEXA. My goal in my position is to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for our clients.

My go-to productivity trick

I enjoy using the OneNote app to stay organized. I can create different Notebooks for different aspects of my role. Within those Notebooks, I can also create tabs and pages which allow me to store and track in-dept notes on each client and project and the next steps to follow. I also like to keep a digital Sticky Note on my desktop where I type a checklist of tasks to complete for that day.

In order to not fall victim of a “slump” or an “afternoon low”, I make sure to take short breaks to walk around and get some water to keep my body moving and hydrated.

My dream skill

Being able to speak multiple languages would be my dream skill. I believe this would be an interesting skill to have when speaking to clients who also speak other languages. It would also be extremely helpful when traveling around the world.

Away from work, you can find me here

Outside of work, I enjoy trying new meals from around the world, whether it be from a cozy spot on the couch in front of a TV with some take-out, or out in the city with friends in a nice restaurant. I also thoroughly enjoy traveling. I mean, who doesn’t?! I love getting to explore a new country or city, talking to the locals, and learning about their culture.


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Nekay Farrell

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